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Trolley mobile manipulator

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The trolley mobile manipulator is used when the end load is small and the workstation can be replaced.

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According to actual operation needs, move the assisted manipulator to the required operation position for operation.

According to actual operation needs, move the assisted manipulator to the required operation position for operation. The power-assisted manipulator can automatically identify whether there is a load on the manipulator by detecting the suction cup or the end fixture of the manipulator and balancing the gas pressure in the cylinder, and automatically adjust the air pressure in the balance cylinder through the pneumatic logic control circuit to achieve the purpose of automatic balance. When working, heavy objects seem to be suspended in the air, which can avoid collisions when products are docked. Within the working range of the robot arm, the operator can easily move it to any position, and the operator can easily operate it. At the same time, the pneumatic circuit also has interlocking protection functions such as preventing misoperation and loss of pressure protection. A very important point is that the whole pneumatic balance crane does not need an electronic control system, it only needs compressed air and a vacuum source (depending on the working conditions) to work, which is very convenient.

The power-assisted manipulator is combined with the mobile trolley to form a mobile power-assisted manipulator. The manipulator column is directly installed on the mobile vehicle, which can realize the long-distance transportation of the tool. The pneumatic gripper has the function of air cut-off protection, which can prevent the workpiece from accidentally falling.

The mobile handling power manipulator is a novel power-assisted equipment for material handling and labor-saving operations. It cleverly applies the principle of force balance, so that the operator can push and pull the heavy objects accordingly to balance the movement and positioning in the space. The heavy objects form a floating state when they are raised or lowered, and the air circuit is used to ensure zero operating force.

The power-assisted arm is mainly composed of a power-assisted manipulator host, a power-assisted manipulator control system and a power-assisted manipulator safety system. It has the characteristics of non-gravity, precise and intuitive, convenient operation, safe and efficient, etc., which is of great help to the transfer, handling, and stacking of heavy objects in various industries, so as to achieve reasonable operation, labor saving, and production efficiency. The improvement of product quality and the guarantee of product quality.

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