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Balanced crane

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Balanced crane, under the premise of satisfying ergonomics, the use of control technology, pneumatic balanced crane with full suspension function, can be widely used in various material handling occasions.

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Balance crane is a new type of material lifting equipment, which uses a unique spiral lifting mechanism to lift heavy objects, instead of manual labor to reduce labor intensity of mechanical equipment.
With its "balanced gravity", the balance crane makes the movement smooth, labor-saving, simple and especially suitable for jobs with frequent handling and assembly, which can greatly reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.
The balance crane has the functions of air cut and misoperation protection. When the main air supply is cut off, the self-locking device works to prevent the balance crane from falling suddenly.
The balance crane makes the assembly convenient and quick, the positioning is accurate, the material is in a three-dimensional space suspension state within the rated stroke, and the material can be rotated manually up and down, left and right.
The operation of the balance lifting fixture is simple and convenient. All control buttons are concentrated on the control handle. The operation handle is integrated with the workpiece material through the fixture. So as long as you move the handle, the workpiece material can follow.

Pneumatic balance crane features

A. Ergonomic up and down suspension control is suitable for variable speed and fine tuning load
B. If the air source is interrupted suddenly, the equipment can prevent the load drifting
C. If the load suddenly disappears, the spring brake centrifuge will automatically stop the fast upward movement of the cable
D. Under rated air pressure, the load to be lifted shall not exceed the rated capacity of the equipment
E. Prevent hanging loads from falling more than 6 inches (152 mm) if air source is turned off.
F. Up to 30 ft (9.1 m) in length and up to 120 in (3,048 mm) in range depending on type of cable

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