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What movements can truss manipulators perform?

Truss manipulator is an automatic mechanical device fixed in the form of truss to imitate human hand to perform different movements for operation.
Since the material, size, quality and hardness of the workpiece or goods to be conveyed are different, each manipulator is different and there is no fixed specification. The arm of the manipulator, the clamping method, needs to be designed according to the shape and structure of the workpiece to be conveyed and the way the machine tool fixture is fixed to clamp.
The following is to introduce what specific actions can be done by truss manipulator instead of manual.
Gripping objects, clamping and releasing operations
The truss manipulator can perform the simple function of grasping objects. By giving the coordinates of the range that the arm can grasp through the upper computer and adjusting the angle and height, the truss manipulator can realize the automatic operation of grasping objects, and the whole process can realize the precise operation of grasping and clamping, so that the accuracy of grasping objects will be high and the objects will not fall off. It is often used in many processing or electronic factories for gripping and packaging of various items.
Translating, ascending and descending operation
The truss manipulator can also perform all kinds of translation, rising and falling operations, such as palletizing manipulator, handling manipulator, etc. It can perform translation, rising and falling operations. Compared with manual palletizing or handling, it can save a lot of labor expenses and shorten the time, which can greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises.
Therefore, the use of truss manipulator can not only reduce the labor force but also can quickly and effectively complete the palletizing and handling of goods in different industries. Palletizing manipulator can ensure that the objects are neat and orderly and not placed on the pallet in a disorderly manner. The handling robot can carry heavy products and goods that cannot be carried by manpower, and also reduce the incidence of production accidents in the handling process.

Post time: Jan-06-2022