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What do I need to pay attention to when designing a pneumatic-assisted manipulator?

In modern processing workshops, pneumatic-assisted manipulators are a common type of automation equipment that enables highly repetitive and high-risk work such as handling, assembly and cutting. Due to the different processing requirements, power-assisted manipulators in many cases need to be customized, so what do you need to pay attention to in the design of pneumatic power-assisted manipulators?
In order to achieve better automation performance, pneumatic power-assisted manipulator should pay attention to the following aspects.
1. Pneumatic power-assisted manipulator manufacturing lift should be combined with the speed of manually moving objects, generally within 15 m / min, the specific should be designed according to the actual needs. The speed is too slow will affect its efficiency. If the speed is too fast, it is easy to cause its own swaying and swinging, affecting the stability of the equipment.
2. When the load, manual operation of the push-pull force is generally 3-5 kg. If the specified operation of the push-pull force is very small, on the contrary, the object will produce inertia, affecting the stability of the power-assisted manipulator, so to have the force to overcome inertia, so in the design process to pay attention to the various joints in the balance arm to give appropriate friction.
3. The leverage ratio of the power-assisted manipulator is 1:5, 1:6, 1:7.5 and 1:10, of which the leverage ratio of 1:6 is the standard specification. If the leverage ratio is increased, the working range can be expanded, but the larger increase should be reduced accordingly.
4. When used in dusty plants such as casting and forging, the rotary gearbox should be well sealed, otherwise it will affect its service life. The bearings of the rotating part of the balance arm should be sealed with grease.
5. The small cross arm should have enough rigidity. If the balance arm rises at full load, the small cross arm will be deformed due to insufficient stiffness, which will affect the change of the balance area when the load is applied.
6. The hole distance of the parts such as big cross arm, small cross arm, lifting arm and support arm should ensure the attachment lever rate, otherwise it will also affect the change of the balancing area when no load.
7. The distance between the two bearings on the rotating seat of the rotating gearbox should not be too small, otherwise it will cause subversion of the rotating part of the manipulator.
8. Installation of fixed pneumatic power-assisted manipulator, must first adjust the level of the horizontal guide slot, the unlevel degree shall not exceed 0.025/100 mm.
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Post time: Jan-11-2022