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How to use the manipulator correctly?

Nowadays, more and more companies choose to use manipulators for palletizing and handling work. So, for novice customers who have just purchased a manipulator, how should the manipulator be used? What should be paid attention to? Let me answer for you.

What to prepare before starting

1. When using a manipulator, clean, dry compressed air must be used.

2. Only allow the device to be activated when the body is in good health.

3. Check whether the corresponding load-bearing bolts are loose before use.

4. Before each use, check the equipment for wear or damage. If safety cannot be ensured, do not use a system that has been detected to be worn or damaged.

5. Before starting the equipment, open each compressed air pipeline valve to check whether the air source pressure meets the requirements, and the compressed air must not contain oil or moisture.

6. Check whether there is liquid exceeding the scale mark in the filter cup of the filter pressure reducing valve, and empty it in time to prevent contamination of the components.

Precautions when using the manipulator

1. This equipment should be operated by professionals. When other personnel want to operate the equipment, they must undergo professional training.

2. The preset balance of the fixture has been adjusted. If there is no special situation, please do not adjust it at will. If necessary, please ask a professional to adjust it.

3. In order to operate more conveniently later, restore the manipulator to the original operating position.

4. Before any maintenance, the air supply switch must be turned off and the residual air pressure of each actuator must be vented.

How to use the manipulator correctly

1. Do not lift the weight of the workpiece beyond the rated load of the equipment (see the product nameplate).

2. Do not put your hands on the part where the equipment is running.

3. When operating the system, always pay attention to the load-bearing artifacts.

4. If you want to move the device, please confirm that there are no people and obstacles on the moving channel.

5. When the equipment is working, please do not lift the load-bearing workpiece above anyone.

6. Do not use this equipment to lift personnel, and no one is allowed to hang on the manipulator cantilever.

7. When the workpiece is hanging on the manipulator, it is forbidden to leave it unattended.

8. Do not weld or cut the suspended load-bearing workpiece.

Post time: Mar-31-2021