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How to buy a professional manipulator and how to maintain it

In today's climate, more and more companies are choosing to buy industrial robots. However, many companies never care about pre-sales and after-sales in order to buy a cheap manipulator. And while this is often the most critical part of the process, it is the one that many people are most likely to overlook.

How to buy a professional manipulator

Firstly, before purchasing a robotic hand, the purchasing manufacturer will do these.

1) Information from the customer to provide a preliminary proposal and confirm feasibility.

2) Site survey, further exchange of details.

3) Modify the program, both sides confirm.

4) Sign the contract


2. After starting manufacturing.

1) Client provides samples, production drawings are issued.

2) Real-time feedback on progress, timely adjustment if there are changes.


3. After shipment.

1) General professional purchase manufacturers will provide you with door-to-door installation and training services, and a certain warranty period, and the enterprise is able to enjoy lifelong maintenance services.

2) The professional purchase manufacturers encounter enterprise manipulator robot problems, will give feedback within 24 hours, or even, specifically to the enterprise site to understand.

Therefore, the service is vital for the enterprise. Without good service, there is no good quality, and I hope that all enterprises will be careful. If customers do not know which one to choose, they can look at Tongli industrial robot. We have a high quality service after-sales guarantee, our manipulators have a 12-month warranty and enjoy lifetime maintenance service.


How to maintain a manipulator

  1. Pay attention to keep the working environment in line with the requirements: avoid acid and alkaline environment class operation, can effectively prevent the manipulator robot contact with acid and alkaline items, resulting in surface corrosion
  2. Pay attention to regular inspection: all machines and equipment in daily use should be regularly checked and maintained. Usually, you can carry out a monthly inspection and maintenance. Check that the screws on the drive are securely installed and that any loose screws are tightened in time. Only to ensure that the CNC lathe manipulator robot screws are firm can not fail in use.
  3. Pay attention to the regular addition of lubricant: because the work of the industrial robot is to complete tens of thousands of repeated work mainly. In the manipulator after the use of the deadline to timely ball screw and guide lubrication treatment. Timely addition of lubricant is now one of the main means of industrial robot maintenance, through this way can be more lubricated, thus ensuring that each step of the operation more smoothly.

Post time: Nov-23-2022