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Multiaxial Manipulator

Short Description:

Multiaxial manipulator is a multi-purpose manipulator that can realize automatic control, repeatable programming, multi-degree of freedom, multi-degree of freedom of motion and establish right-angle relations in space.The way it works is primarily by completing linear motion along the X, Y, and Z axes.

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1. Freedom movement; 2. Automatic control and repeatable programming; 3. Flexible with different functions according to different operating tools; 4. High reliability, high speed, high precision.

As a low-cost and simple system structure for automated robot system solutions, multi-axis manipulators can be used in dispensing, plastic dropping, spraying, palletizing, sorting, packaging, welding, metal processing, handling, loading and unloading, assembly common industrial production fields such as, printing, etc., have significant application value in terms of replacing labor, improving production efficiency, and stabilizing product quality. For different applications, there are different design requirements for multi-axis manipulators, such as selecting different transmission methods according to the requirements of accuracy and speed, and selecting different clamping devices (fixtures, grippers, and mounting frame, etc) for the end working head according to specific process requirements,as well as design options for teaching programming, coordinate positioning, visual recognition and other working modes, so that it can meet the application requirements of different fields and different working conditions.

The multi-axis robot is a general-purpose robot with compact appearance and structure. Each joint is equipped with a high-precision reducer. The high-speed joint speed can perform flexible operations. It can perform operations such as handling, palletizing, assembly, and injection molding. Installation method.

The main applications are as follows

(1) Material handling and palletizing (2) Packaging and assembly (3) Grinding and polishing (4) Laser welding (5) Spot welding (6) Injection molding (7) Cutting/deburring

Main feature

●Adopt the structure of servo motor and reducer, with strong carrying capacity, large working range, fast speed and high precision.

●The control system manipulator is simple and easy to learn, which is very suitable for production use.

●The robot body adopts partial internal wiring, which is safe and environmentally friendly.

Manipulator with clamp


a) The same force hard arm assist manipulator can balance various weights from 2 to 500kg.

b) The power-assisted manipulator is composed of a balance host, a grasping fixture, and an installation structure.

c) The manipulator host is the main device that realizes the non-gravity floating state of materials (or workpieces) in the air.

d) The manipulator is the device that realizes the grasping of the workpiece and completes the corresponding handling and assembly requirements of the user.

e) The installation structure is a mechanism that supports the entire set of equipment according to the user's service area and site conditions.

Manipulator model


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